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Repeater Status
Bastrop Legion Site 442.725

3-5-13 The site is up.

2-19-10 After a few hours of chasing a problem I finally have the repeater back on the air. It currently has no preamp so coverage for handhelds and distant mobiles will be weak, ARE.

12-08-09 With the recent cold weather we are getting reports of reduced sensitivity on the UHF repeater input (447.725). This has been intermittant and primarily affects handheld and mobiles that are outside of the primary coverage area (greater than 5 miles).

12-05-09 On Saturday I attempted to locate the annoying squeal on the repeater output, but after 30 minutes working in the 35 degree building my fingers were numb. There is no heater and the radio systems don't create enough heat to even notice. I'll try again this week when its a bit warmer. I did not see the Black Snake, although it was cold enough that it's probably curled around the warm power transfomer in one of the radios. Bruce WB6ARE

11-20-09 Upon opening the site door a small black snake made a rather hasty retreat underneath the benches. I was unable to locate it so beware. It appeared to be what is called a "Texas Black Snake" which are non-venomous for humans, they primarily eat rodents. Bruce WB6ARE

Long Term Goals:

* Get the xCat control board working with the SRS controller so we have full "frequency and CTCSS" control of the VHF Remote Base, right now we just have selection of 32 pre-programmed channels.

* Find a method to access the Internet so we can move the Echolink computer on-site and gain proper control.

Flag Hill Site 443.000

3-5-13 The site is up.

2-17-13 Steve, KC5WXT and myself visited the Flag Hill Site 443.000 and put the main UHF repeater receiver and transmitter on frequency. These crystal controlled radios do drift slowly and require occasional tweeking. We also made a few frequency chamges to a few of the IC706 memories and enabled the attenuator to lower the exessive audio levels during SSB mode. Completed a site inspection, all systems look normal. Found hundreds of Lady Bugs inside the building, I guess they like radios! Bruce WB6ARE

Long Term Goals:

* Finish the installing the External Grounding kits

* Replace the temporary UHF PA with the repaired PA

Elgin Site 442.800

3-5-13 The site is up.

3-5-13 After several months of working without any issues the link from Elgin to Bastrop Legion has been getting noisy at night during the last week. This appears to a temperature related issue where the link transmitter frequency drifts. A site visit to both the Elgin and Bastrop sites is in my future. Bruce WB6ARE

5-26-12 Jeff WD5EGC, Steve KC5WXT, Jim KE5AMB, DJ KJ6ELE and myself installed the 442.800 Elgin repeater at the Elgin site. Bruce WB6ARE

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